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HP Envy 6-1110us Review – Sleekbook with Desktop-Level Performance

For the most part, portability is the primary concern of most computer users when they shop around for a notebook. Portability essentially means a compact size and decent weight that make the device convenient to carry around and handle without having to compromise battery life. But that’s not all there is to it; more often than not, users also seek a portable device with top quality performance to meet wide-ranging computing requirements even while on the go. HP Envy 6-1110us Sleekbook has all the main features of ultrathin notebook – and much more. Read on and find out why this lightweight yet powerful notebook is among the frontrunners in its category, and the industry as a whole.

Portability at its Best in Classy Design

You will certainly turn heads with this notebook’s unique design and meticulous detail that are truly impressive. Made from premium material, the all-metal surface tapers off on the sides, giving it a sleek and elegant exterior of brushed aluminum finish, tastefully set in two-toned color scheme of midnight black on the top and red on its base. You can count on HP Envy 6-1110us not to weigh you down as it is one of the thinnest and lightest notebooks, weighing only 4.53 lbs with handy dimensions of 14.72” (W) X 9.95” (D) X 0.78” (H). Along with its soft-touch, slip-resistant base, you can easily grab and comfortably carry it around – anytime and anywhere.

Outstanding Desktop-Level Performance for On-the-Go User

While size, weight and battery life might be a general concern among laptop users, function and performance are also vital in choosing the right device. What’s the point in having a notebook that you can conveniently carry everywhere but falls short of efficiently accomplishing the required tasks? This Sleekbook is totally ideal for constantly-on-the-move users that require a sturdy and convenient device but don’t want to skimp or compromise on the performance level. Check out the features of this impressive powerhouse of a notebook that make it capable to deliver commendable quality performance.

Processor: The AMD (A-Series) Quad-Core A8-4555M Accelerated Processor – with 1.7GHz and maximum capability of up to 2.5GHz speeds – enables Envy 6-1110us to keep up with some heavy applications and handle multitasking with typical programs and even allows you to simultaneously stream videos/audios or listen to music while performing tasks at superfast speed. Moreover, with its exclusive AMD Turbo Core Technology 3.0 feature, it can likewise automatically scale and provide extra performance level on demand and whenever required. The seamless integration of the Trinity architecture and the mobile ultra-low-voltage concepts make it one of the premier notebook processors on the market today.

Hard Drive, Memory and Storage: The integrated 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (1DIMM) is sufficient for simultaneous running of several applications in multitasking as well as for hardcore gaming. However, if you still feel the need for more RAM, this notebook supports up to 16GB RAM and you can simply go for either 8GB or 16GB compatible kits, which are both readily accessible. Thanks to this notebook’s 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, booting Windows and/or resuming from “Idle” state is normally quite fast. Concurrently, it can also efficiently manage various programs and take on any number of music and movies that you want to watch or listen to with lightning speed. The best part is the innovative, HP-exclusive ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection, a feature that automatically protects and ensures that your data and the hardware itself remains safe and secure even if you accidentally bump or drop the device.

Video/Graphics Card: The power-packed HP Envy 6-1110us Sleekbook also utilizes the Discrete-Class graphics of Radeon HD 7600G from AMD, which allows users to create and edit videos in a flash, and likewise enables gamers to fully enjoy games that require intensive graphics at an optimal video setting – without any trouble at all. The integration of video encoders/decoders, dual-channel memory controller and a maximum graphics memory of about 2.036GB makes this all-inclusive chip a cut above other graphics cards for laptops.

Display: Top-of-the-line video and graphics chip features are even more enhanced by HD BrightView technology and its diagonal 15.6-inch LED-backlit screen that can display as high as 1366 X 768 pixels, the ideal resolution for HD quality viewing, whether text, photos or videos – they’re absolutely more vivid and crisper! Additional features that support crystal clear images also include the HP TrueVision Webcam that captures video with remarkable crystal clear, HD quality images; you can rest assured you are going to look your stunning best even in low light. The AMD HD Media Accelerator, on the other hand, provides fast converting and smooth playing of HD video and video chat.

Sound/Audio: This notebook also comprises an audio system that guarantees delightful listening experience whether you are listening to music, watching a movie or chatting on VoIP/video chat. Just like other HP devices, this one also integrates Beats Audio and dual speakers to deliver the richest sound obtainable on PC with potential for extra amplification through the built-in subwoofer.

Touchpad/Keyboard: These features are totally well-crafted, both aesthetically and for their intended functions. The touchpad has a pleasing radial design that feels smooth to touch and includes typical mouse moves. The distinctive HP Imagepad pointing device, which has an on/off button and supports multi-touch motions, allows you to proficiently zoom, swipe, scroll, and even rotate images or web pages with remarkable pinpoint precision. The full-size, island-style backlit keyboard is sturdily built and the chiclet keys are quite easy and comfortable to type on.

Operating System: This device runs on Windows8 OS, which works extremely well on touchscreen computers, notebooks and high resolution displays, as claimed by many users that are already familiar with the system. Some users positively assert that Windows 8 OS is actually huge factor that makes this Sleekbook up for just about anything.

Battery: The strongest point that makes Envy 6-1110us truly stand out is its battery life. The 4-cell, 60WHr 4.1 Ah lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery can sustain up to 6 hours of consistent power.

HP Envy 6-1110us Sleekbook

Connectivity – The Crucial Element for Powerful On-the-Go Computing

The one significant facet of a computer with high performance level is the provision of efficient and effective connectivity options. Especially when traveling, users want to have the capability to connect to wireless – or even wired – network. Likewise, ample USB ports for various gadgets/devices and storage drives are equally imperative. Sometimes it may even be necessary to connect to a larger monitor. This sleekbook has got you covered in these areas. It has an integrated 10/102/103 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) LAN card with RJ-45 Ethernet port/connector, while its wireless connectivity/WiFi connection is supported by 802.11BGN WLAN. In addition, Bluetooth is also made available for wireless syncing and printing when and where it becomes necessary.

Other Interesting and Noteworthy Features

  • Built-in digital media card reader with multiple formats for various types of multimedia and SD cards along with the ingenious HP Connected Photo that lets you synchronize photos from your smart phone, tablet or PC. This feature also allows you to rotate, crop, add captions and instantly share with everyone in just a few seconds.
  • HDMI port is also available to enable you to view files and photos or watch videos stored on your PC with much larger images on your HDTV.
  • HP CoolSense is an air conditioning technology that automatically keeps your device cool and comfortable even with extensive usage.
  • Other external ports: one microphone in port, one headphone port, one USB 2.0 and two USB (SuperSpeed) 3.0.

Pros – Superb Structural and Functional Design

Among the biggest perks that users like most about this notebook is the indomitable combination of powerful quad core processor and graphics card. Most users are already happy with the 6-hour battery life that the developers promise but many are even more delighted to discover that with a few tweaks and some efficient power management, battery life can even be extended to 7 hours. Besides its appealing looks and immense portability, users are also pleased with the extra protection and safety that HP Protect Smart Hard Drive Protection and HP CoolSense Technology features provide. Another winning feature is its smooth and highly responsive touchpad/HP Imagepad. Most significant of all are the ample connectivity options that this notebook provides, especially for users who are constantly mobile..

Cons – The Potential “Deal-Breakers”

The number one drawback that many users seem to dwell on is that this sleekbook has a unibody design; thus, there is no slot for an optical drive. It could perhaps become an issue if you have an application or a video game that checks at regular intervals if a disk is in the drive; otherwise, it shouldn’t be so much of a big deal as the benefits you get from a thinner, lighter notebook more than compensate for the supposed lack. Also, this can be easily remedied with an external optical drive or even flash drives. Another perceived negative factor is the 5400 RPM HDD. Some users opined that HP should have at least provided a hybrid drive option – if not an SSD – to match the topnotch processor and graphics chip. However, this minor inconvenience is hardly discernible, especially since the hard drive performance is typically noticeable during start up or when applications are launched. Others are a little put off with the number of pre-installed HP software that comes with the device, some of which are never utilized, anyway. The good news is software that is deemed “useless” can be deleted according to user discretion.

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Consumer Ratings – Nearly All Top Marks and Positive Remarks

It is no wonder that users rave about how amazing HP Envy 6-1110us Sleekbook is and almost everyone gives it the maximum 5-star rating for structure and overall performance. Consumers are especially impressed with the technology that propels this sleekbook towards connecting/syncing through ports and cables, or wirelessly via WiFi and Bluetooth, between devices that are specifically designed for media storage. It is not just another ultra-light, ultra-thin notebook; it is also ultra fast and certainly a step up from typical laptops out there. Plus, the relatively inexpensive price of $699.99 – or much lower with up to more than 20% discount – is more than commensurate to the value you get.

The Notebook that Has It All

If you are searching for the right notebook that can function as your primary computer, then this notebook is what will suit you best. It is absolutely one of the most powerful notebooks on the market that is capable of multitasking – from hardcore gaming to displaying HD quality videos and pictures to the simplest document – name it; this notebook can perform it. Go ahead and make a trendy statement, get HP Envy 6-1110us Sleekbook (Black) at a reasonable price that will give you the best value for your money.


Price: $580

HP Envy 6-1110us Review – Sleekbook with Desktop-Level Performance Rating

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