HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Printer Review – B211A CQ761A

There are many kinds and sizes of the printer that you can choose from. This tool allows you to print the whole thing you want from color pictures and envelopes and black and white document as well. Because there are a lot of choices to accessible, it will be hard for you to choose the best and reliable one. Narrowing down the features and specs will help you to get the printer you want. Prior to decide you need to recognize your need first, this will aid you in obtaining the right functionality and value. And through this HP Photosmart 6510 review, maybe it will help why you should consider this product.

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

This HP Photosmart 6510 is appropriate for offices either for small or large business. This is also applicable for those who want to build business pertaining to printing. This state of the art printer prints high quality photos, scan and make copies accurately, utilizing the 3.45 inches touch screen.

The HP Photosmart 6510 is made for those who are interested in photography and perhaps owning a tablet or smartphone. This product is neat all in one, finish with glossy black appearance of its precursor in favor of gun-metal and brown grey. This product is extraordinary, on the hand not unattractive. Equipped with flatbed scanner without ADF or automatic document feeder, therefore it is best fitted for scanning one magazine or sheets. HP Photosmart control panel utilizes a 9 centimeter touch screen and a sequence of touch buttons. The touch screen is completely easy to operate. Built with dual paper trays suited to the device, even the core A4 tray only takes 80 sheets.

Product Features

When looking for a reliable printer, specification and features plays a significant role. HP Photosmart is one of the leading printers available in the market today because in incorporate with essential features such as:

  • The control panel includes an 89 mm touch screen together with 3 dedicated touch keys. The control panel is also sensitive enough to control easily.
  • ISO Speed that range to 11 ppm black to 7.5 ppm color
  • 600 dpi text and black graphic copy resolution
  • The scan resolution is enhanced up to 19, 200 with flatbed scan type
  • Easy to maintain
  • Twin paper trays
  • Good print capability
  • WPS and wireless support
  • Standard and duplex print


The HP Photosmart 6510 print documents and photos instantly from any device together with HP EPrint- it automatically prints once you send it the printer.

Access free application on the touch screen and has the capability to print from the web with no PC.

The quality of print was excellent across graphics and text result. The black and white copy is sharp and finesse which looks similarly from laser printer. The graphic result was also free of banding.

The HP Photosmart has a separate ink cartridge for magenta, yellow, cyan and black inks and easily clips into proper place in printers print head. The bundled software takes account of HP basic on the other hand it has a useful Photo creations scheme for making projects like calendars.

The cartridges are accessible in usual and extra large version. Utilizing the extra large inks provides operating costs of approximately 2.5 p for black and 7.7 for color, both are best for printer.

Color photos provided by this state of the art printer are equal for what you may expect from other expensive and high quality printers.

This printer can be obtained at a very reasonable price however without compromising the quality of the outcome.


The HP Photosmart doesn’t have automatic feeder, even if this features is available in this device the capability of producing high quality printouts is not compromised besides this product take account of some neat web features. This is the reason why still it is the leading printer in the market and used continuously in various businesses.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The HP Photosmart 6510 is extremely easy to install and built with a lot of essential features. In Amazon.com review this advanced product receive positive reviews and high ratings to various customer who already benefited by this product. In fact 75 customers rated this product with 5 magnificent stars, and 29 customers gave 4 stars. This rating is based on 175 correspondents. This only shows that this is an excellent product.



The HP Photosmart 6510 is an excellent product. It generates top quality result either for graphic or text documents. The web features of this device are implemented nicely and easy to operate. On the other hand even it lacks of other features such as automatic feeder, UDB port and PictBridge, you are guarantee that purchasing HP Photosmart is worthwhile and has the ability to withstand your regular use.